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Medical Translation and Interpreting Services

Medical Translation Services Canada

Medical Interpreting Services

Our services are delivered to hospitals, private practice health care professionals and many other health care organizations.  The interpreter services can be delivered in person, or we have telephone and video interpretation options. 

Health Care Interpreters

Translationz provides medical and allied health interpreter services across Canada.  Our health care team will work with you and your specific needs.  All forms of interpreting are important, however the value that a quality interpreter can bring in the medical fields is enormous. Depending on the language and the availability of interpreters, we provide options for qualified interpretation services in person, over the phone and using our video technology platform.

Insurance Services

Bookings for intepreters to support our insurance company clients are frequent.  If you are an insurance company and need a reliable translation and interpreting service, then contact us.  

Medico-legal interpreters

We provide regular and consistent medico-legal interpreting and translation services.  When our clients need interpreters for their cases, they call or use a dedicated online booking option. Ongoing clients have a dedicated account manager.  We understand the medico-legal field and how to service clients.  Many of our clients have grown of the years that we have been working with them and are continuing to provide great service to their clients.

Medical Translation Services

Translationz provides document or and medical records translations for multinational health and medical organizations, clinic centers, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and even multilingual patients.


Confidential and accurate translation of medical documents are two characteritics expected of a professional language services company. Our translators make sure that they are able to utilize their medical knowledge with their professional language skills to come up with a medical translation that is accurate.

For providing the best medical translations, our first choice is to provide a certified translator.  We discuss with you the options and you decide your requirements. Our medical translators are very well versed in the latest medical terminology, medical subjects and are even culturaly sensitve to surpass the high standards of the medical industry.  

We also provide back translation services where you need to confirm the accuracy of the original translation.