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Are you looking for a professional medical interpreter?

We understand the importance of having quality interpreting services in a medical environment. Translationz offers medical interpreting to clinics, hospitals and private practices, for medical as well as insurance and legal matters. Our interpreters are available to work at your location or over the phone.

Canada is a vast country and the need for medical interpreters in hospitals both private and public, clinics, physicians offices and aged care facilities is growing.  Our state of the art remote medical interpreting technology solution allows patient care at a higher level that was previously possible.  

In the major cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, we normally have local translation and interpreting professionals for most common languages.  However, where there are rarer languages or remote locations, our telephone interpreter services (Over the Phone Interpretation) and our video interpreting (Video Remote Interpreting) can be a viable option.

Where your practice or organization require ongoing services, we can set you up on our system that allows you to make the booking.  We also have a dedicated account manager to ensure that if you have any of those tricky questions, we are here to help.

We offer our medical interpreting services in hospitals as well as in the offices of specialists in all medical fields.

We are trusted for our professionalism, competence and reliability; many of our clients have been with us for years. In most instances, we offer officially accredited interpreters for our medical assignments, and we support most languages in Canada.

*For medical interpreting assignments, we recommend the use of a certified interpreter. These certified interpreters have passed tests administered by the Canadian government on their interpreting skills.