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Are you looking for a reliable, professional legal or court interpreter service?

Court interpreting is one of branches of the interpreting profession where the consequence of getting it wrong is high. Cases have been dismissed, postponed and successfully appealed due to poor interpreting. Therefore, making the choice of the right company to deliver your court interpreters is essential.

As a company that has served clients around the world with court interpreting services, consider our services when you need professional languages services. We have on-going relationships with most of the world's largest law firms. We serve medico-legal firms and supply interpreters weekly to our clients in the legal profession.  We supply our professional staff to prosecution, defence, plaintiff and defendants - not for the same case.

Our interpreters are available for court cases, pre-trial motions, depositions and other circumstances as required. Legal interpreters are often consecutive interpreters which means that they wait for the person to finish their phrase or thoughts and then translate. The accuracy of the translation is challenging but necessary. Translationz can offer the peace of mind of working with a team who can help make your communications more effective.

We have vast experience in court interpretation and we can guide you on the language requirements. Whether you need interpreter services for a courts or other legal matters we can help. The choice of your legal interpreter company is a key decision. Read through some of our services and then contact us with specific questions.

Professional Court Interpreting

What Legal Services are available?

Our services range from full service language provider through to providing just the interpreter or just the interpreter equipment rental. Our services are available across Canada. We may also be able to help with other locations, however we do not have a physical presence in those locations. Our services are:

  • Providing professional interpreters for your case
  • Translating legal documents - using our translation services
  • Professional Court Interpreter Services

What languages do you have for court interpreting?

Court interpreters are available for most languages. The languages on the menu provide an indication of the more common languages.  We also have translators for documents.

How many interpreters are required at a court case?

Court interpreting requires serious concentration, however because it is most often consecutive interpreting, a single translator is required for each side of the case. We provide only a legal interpreter to one side. Professional legal interpreters will ask for a break if required during the course of an interpretation session in the court or the deposition.

What notice is required to ensure success?

We often work with event organizers up to four months before the event. There is massive risk associated with short notice. We will often say that we are unable to assist where planning has been inadequate.

What preparation should occur?

There are two levels of preparation needed. The client should provide background information as soon as practical. Depending on the amount of work, this will incur a cost.

Do court interpreters specialize?

Yes. Some court interpreters specialize both in their language pair and specific subject matter. Typical specialties include specialized areas of law such as personal injury, criminal, contract, tax and there are many more. While we do our best to find the specialist in your field, sometimes that requires that we fly that person in to your event. We would discuss these options with you with the associated budgetary implications.

What is the cost of legal interpreter?

The cost of the interpreter will depend on many factors. Like in most professions, there are different levels of expertise and specializations. Legal interpreters are on the high range for the level of expertise and cost. When discussing this with our clients, we ask about the impact of getting it wrong. If it there is a high impact, then we will recommend the most proficient interpreter services and this will cost more.

What areas do you service?

Translationz is happy to provide court and legal interpreter services to locations across Canadian cities . The top ten cities for demand for legal interpreters in Canada are:

General legal language services information

There are many things to consider in a legal interpreting service. Our clients demand reliability, professionalism and accuracy. This is essential for the parties involved in a legal interpreting matter. Whether in the court, at a deposition or even at a police station having the right interpreter can make a big difference in communicating effectively. That’s why legal matters require professional and certified interpreters and you should be contacting us for your interpreter needs.

Legal Interpreter for the Courts

Translationz has a wide range of professional and certified court interpreters across all of Canada with specialized knowledge of the legal industry. We have interpreters that can deliver very accurate and comprehensive interpreting service for legal matters such as a courtroom hearings.

Translationz offers a quality and best of the best interpreting service. We have our interpreters located across the country. Our interpreters can go to your location, fast and reliable.

For any inquiries, request for a free quote online.