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Toronto Translation and Interpreter Services

Translationz performs translation and interpreting services in Toronto for companies and government organizations. We differ from many of the larger translation companies because we continue to provide personal service. We provide fast turnaround, quality translators and professional interpreters.  If your organization needs language services in Toronto, then you should contact us to discuss your needs. 

Translation Services Toronto

We have language professionals available for your different needs. Some of the preferred translation services in Toronto are listed below. We can help with translators, interpreters, equipment rental and associated services such as desktop publishing.

Russian Translation Services

The Russian community is a smaller group with their own history. In Toronto, translation and interpreting services are available

Farsi Translation Services

We provide translation services in the Greater Toronto area for legal, immigration, medical and community interpretation. 

Arabic Translation Services

Arabic translations are increasing in popularity.  Whether for medical interpreting, official document translation or business documents, call us and we supply the.

Japanese Translation Services

The Japanese are another small group in Toronto. Japanese translation services form part of our Asian languages group.  Other popular languages are Chinese, both Mandarin and Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian. 

French Translation Services

French Canadian is a major service offering for Translationz.  We can assist with document translation services as well as interpreter services. Some of the associated services that Translationz offers is accessibility tagging, subtitling and captioning, voice over and multilingual website management. We also offer most European languages including German, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

Contact Us

Call us or request a quote. We are happy to assist with all your translation needs.

Why does Toronto need translators?

Toronto is a great international city. It is a hub of commerce, a destination city for travel and tourism and a desirable location to relocate. All of these activities may need the services of a professional translator or the assistance of our translation company. Translationz works with businesses, government, not for profit organizations and individuals. We are your multilingual translation partner.

International Trade and Business

International commerce without the services of a translation company increases your risk. It is like when you listen to only one side of a telephone conversation; you miss a lot and do not necessarily get a complete understanding. To protect and help expand your business, engaging Translationz to assist you with your language service requirements will help you get the full story.  

Our translation services has already helped a lot of Toronto businesses with the translation of documents such as business contracts, emails and letters, operating manuals, employee, benefits and safety documents as well as legal translations.

Courts and Legal

In Toronto, the courts coordinate the use of the Court interpreters. The Ministry of the Attorney General provides an up-to-date Registry of Accredited Freelance Interpreters to every court in Ontario. However, Translationz provides services via legal interpreters and legal document translations for law firms and in-house legal counsel.

Immigration Documentation

Canada continues to take immigrants from other countries.  In many cases these skilled immigrants have documents that need to be translated.  Official documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates are translated by a professional and can be submitted for official government use.

Document Translations

Translators have key areas that they develop deeper expertise.  We will match your document translation requirement with a member of our team who has experience in your domain area, whereve possible. Document types vary and the knowledge of that area helps provide a more accurate translation delivered in a shorter time.

Legal Translations

Immigration law is one of the most common areas of law where our translation services are required.  There are a variety of documents that may need to be translated for immigration into Canada. Official documents translations need to be accurate. We can translate your marriage certificate, birth certificate, academic transcripts including education diplomas and degrees, employment records, police certificates, medical exams and passport translation services.  These will be translated so that they can be used for immigration to Canada.

For criminal law in Toronto , Translations normally provides interpreting services for criminal matters. We are also requested to perform document translation services that are admissible in court. 

Workers Compensation translation services

Medico legal translation and interpreter services are offered to many clients around the world. If your law firm or organization is involved in medico-legal work and need a translation company to work with you, then you have come to the right place. 

We also provide translators for many civil matters. We often provide discounts to law firms performing pro-bono work. 

Technical Translations

The technical translations are used when you need a user manuals, data sheets, software applications, Android and IOS apps, assembly instructions, engineering and scientific documents. Translations of technical documents in Toronto often require translating from French to English.  Companies doing business in Toronto will also be translating from other languages such as English to French Canadian.

Marketing Translations

Marketing in multiple languages is essential in Toronto.  We can provide the translation and the related desktop publishing services to ensure that you communicate effectively with your target audience.

Financial Translations

Many larger companies in Toronto require translation of financial and annual reports. We work with you for the translation and the desktop publishing to provide a finished copy in the form that you need it.

Specialist Interpreter Services

Like our translation services, when in Toronto you should consider the specialist interpreter services you need. Interpreters translate the spoken word from one language to another during meetings, conferences, medical consultations, court cases and tours.  Below is a list of some of interpreter services.

Medico-Legal Interpreter

The medico-legal interpreter will work with our clients and their clients to facilitate communication.  The translation is an essential element of the consultation. It helps both parties understand each other. Often the items communicated in the consultation will be an input to the medico-legal report. We work with insurance companies and law firms to provide interpreting services for medico-legal matters.

Court Interpreter

A court interpreter is highly skilled professional who is authorized by the court to provide the interpretation services.  The are often some of the best interpreters available. Many interpreters specialize only in legal and court interpreting services.

Conference Interpreter Services

Simultaneous conference interpretation is a complex and critical function in many conferences where there are delegates who speak a language other than the language of the presentation. Given the investment you have in the conference, it is essential that you get quality interpreters.

Medical Interpreter

A medical interpreter helps provide access to medical services to culturally and linguistically diverse people.