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Are you searching for a conference interpreter? Our interpreters’ experience and expertise can make all the difference at your next event. Translationz is a leading provider of simultaneous interpreting services for conferences, business meetings, court dates, medical and legal appointments, and tours. Translationz is an international company with highly qualified interpreters located in all of the major capital cities of Canada.

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Interpreting at Your Event: Plan Ahead for Success

Conferences can range from a few hours to several days. Planning ahead of time what your interpreting requirements will be – the number of interpreters you will need and in what languages, the subject matter, and all other relevant factors – will help ensure that your event is staffed with the best interpreters for the job. We will work with you every step of the way to make your next event a huge success!

large conference interpreter servicesConference interpreting requires unwavering concentration, and even the most highly skilled interpreter will need breaks. An interpreter cannot sustain nonstop focus for more than an hour, and a break every 30 minutes is ideal. With this in mind, the number of interpreters you will need will depend on the conference schedule and content. If your conference requires back-to-back, nonstop presentations over several hours, we recommend staffing multiple interpreters. However, if your conference schedule calls for breaks every 40 minutes, for example, then one interpreter may be ideal.

When the time comes to line up your conference interpreters, you can count on us to work diligently with you in order to fully understand your requirements. We will discuss your schedule, subject matter, goals, audience and languages required, as well as many other factors. We can provide recommendations on the ideal number and type of interpreters for your event. We consider ourselves your partner, and we have a stake in your success.

About Conference Interpretation

Canada is host to thousands of conferences each year, many with international visitors, delegates and speakers. With many speakers presenting in languages other than English, interpreters are often needed to ensure that all conference delegates can benefit from the presentations. If you plan on providing handouts to your conference delegates, we recommend translating the documents. Translationz offers full-service document translation services in addition to our certified interpreting services.

For most larger conferences we provide simultaneous interpreters, however in smaller business meetings you may opt for a consecutive interpreter.

Interpreter booth for conferences 

Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements. We can work with you to arrive at the best solution for your particular budget and goals. Translationz has extensive conference interpreting experience, and our high-level, quality interpreters will no doubt impress your conference delegates.