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Slang that will slay 2017

It seems that recently keeping up with all the new emerging weird and wonderful words of today’s youth can be an impossible task. At we understand. If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever evolving slang these days it’s not your fault! Thanks to the internet new words and phrases are popping up constantly. So in case you want to keep up with the kids in 2017, throwing some of these words into your vocabulary may just help you further relate to you teenagers!  

You will also note that some of these are really not that new.

Slay to do an awesome job, kill it
Dead the aftermath of someone slaying
Low key This can either mean to keep something secret or “on the down low”, a small, laidback event or gathering or another word for “kind of”. 
High key opposite of low key. When you want to say something loud and clear. 
Flexing showing off, fronting
Woke to be aware
Squad friendship group
Fam the new and improved work for “squad”
Mom/Dad someone you admire so much that you see them as your mom/dad
Extra excessive, too much, over the top
On fleek on point
Petty someone who makes a big deal out of a small argument/disagreement 
Goals a word written stereotypically by girls on Instagram posts of someone who is very attractive or who they aspire to be like 
Savage ruthlessly cruel or cool (depending on which way you look at it) 
Ship to endorse/wish for a romantic relationship between two people
Sus Suspicious, shady or sketchy, a feeling that something or someone is a bit off 
Basic someone who acts in a way that is unsophisticated and blindly follows the crowd or latest trend
Trash something/someone that’s really awful or classless
Throw shade to speak negatively, “trash talk” or “hate on” someone
Drag to insult
Aesthetic the visual vibe that a certain place, picture, Instagram account, etc. gives off
Lit a word used to describe something that’s unbelievably amazing